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 Mystical Realms.

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PostSubject: Mystical Realms.   Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:44 am

a WIP: this game was supposed to be a sort of wii equivelent for the computer, for TABLET users (i myself)

the formula is;

you would move around a dungeon or outside style game. you would aim with the mouse, and you have guns.
left click would shoot, and ASWD would move.
buuuut. heres the tablet element.

you could right click, and it would lock onto your nearest enemy. then using motion recognition. you would click and draw a quick charicture. the characture would be like an attack, if you pulled it offf correctly, a spell or attack would generate, using your mana.

but, im having trouble with the surfaces.
GM7; registerd, its my own engine, and it shitty. the recognition is in the example, but not installed in the game yet (for no surface gen)

also, the shooting is fucked. so it creates wierd. also, its basic, i'm still learning 3D.,


p.s. there is a package installed to run it. if it doesn't work (the motion recognition) then i'll put a link for it.
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Mystical Realms.
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