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PostSubject: Levels   Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:04 pm

Ok. Here are the levels for the battle of Tarawa. The ones with no '-' behind them are the levels. The others are the aspects we want in the levels. I'll have to make a game maker file with all of the graphics in it, but slayer can go ahead and start doing level layouts if he wants. Sparks too. If he wants.


----Lack of coordination
----people dying


----lay low
----beat off enemy until reinforcements arrive

Clear Japanese

----take out assignments (kill all to right and forward)
----kill Japs in bunker w/ grenades

Go over hill (your in the second line)

----first line is killed by blast of machine gun fire
----only one man can sneak around behind the bunkers and take them out
----you go
----go around by self
------------------------------------sneak past guards
------------------------------------grenade bunkers
------------------------------------keep going with men

Keep going with men

----clear trenches (mortars, direct fire)


----clear with grenades
----go in with M2

Keep going to village

------------------------------------take out with bazooka
------------------------------------take out accompanying men
----destroy bunker

Go to River/stream/brook

----blow up bridge with soldiers on it
----take out tanks coming to the village


----messenger comes and says “retire”
----go to camp
----path, go back and get objects
------------------------------------may have to do small tasks (go on trails moving things out of way and blowing up other things)
----surprise attack
------------------------------------fight in camp behind tents and barrels
------------------------------------fight off Japs
----tend to wounded (‘!’ will appear, click ‘enter’ to tend to go until bandages are all run out)
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PostSubject: Re: Levels   Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:04 am

nice Very Happy
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